"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tidak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahariKU" - Hadis Qudsi

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peristiwa lapar di dalam ofis yang sejuk.

aku adjust aircond temperature indicator to 24 degree ..
office sejuk sgt la hari nie..
dah try increase kan temperature tapi still sejuk lagie..
kalu increase further, later colleagues complaint panas pulak..

bile sejuk, badan automatik kerja lebey to sustain the internal body temperature..
aku lapar tahap dewa da nie..
tadi tak lunch, sebab breakfast tak henggat ambil kuehteaw dgn ayam plus neslo ais kaww..
sekarang perut mengerempet mintak di isi.
kismis atas meja dah habes sejak 24jam yang lalu.
orang makan kismis 7 butir
ko makan macam makan nasi. padan muka!
free2 stok habes.

air mineral atas meja aku dah tegok dekat setengah botol dah..
ingt nak tahan lapar..
lagi lapar ade la..
mak aih~~
karang ade yg absconded ikot pintu belakang pegi halim makan rojak nie..

perut bunyi lagie..

"Wani, jom pegi makan" Dalila ajak.


Rembat beg duit dgn fon.

Teros angkat kaki.

Tak pandang belakang dah.

Terbayang rojak halim. Kecur liur.


aku ade 3 perkara berkaitan 24 pada hari ini.
i have 24 posts still in draft..bila ntah aku nk publishkan..content tak hardcore sgt.
ok. membebel.
umur aku 24 tahun.
tarikh hari ini adalah 24 June 2010
ade kaitan takk??
haha ;D


aku terlepas meraikan post aku yang
ni post yang ke 101.

monologue 1: But hey, what with the celebration,anyway?
monologue 2: Gee, i d0nt know.. sigh~~
monologue 1:Boy, u really need major self-adjustment, babe!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


or shud i say up-burden-ed?

my company came-out with new structure in field operation resulting in the biotech officer/s who is/are before have specific job of their own would now responsible in regional basis.

Like before we're only responsible to a particular field scope. For instance, if the biotech officer is only assigned to be responsible for planting , he or she would only managing the planting of the ramets in the estate only.

But, like now, when you are reponsible in regional basis, you will be responsible to all the activities and programme that involve or concerning your region, right from delivery of the ramets from prenursery to your nursery up to planting of the ramets in estate field/s , census-ing and field visit.

Pergh! Banyak gila kerja. Dah macam Asst. Manager estate.

But, well, look at the bright side, u'll be learning more kan? You not only know how to grow oil palm but also the physiological and morpholigical of your tissue-cultured oil palm babies in the field. it is a good idea, afterall. Apart from this will upgrade your knowledge on oil palm field management , it's also for self-developement, ape? so, ko bukan sahaja macam AM tapi better sebab macam scientist plus planter.


I'll be taking care of Malacca and N9. 6 Estates, that's 961.05Ha to be exact.So, there will be one Biotect Unit office stationed in an estate ( xdecide lagi nk pilih estate mana nak letak office) to cover both region. But only my staff will be stationed to that particular region. My office is still in Banting ( oh ya! i'll be tranfered to Banting, soon..sob..sob..sedey..i had just fall for Lukut).

Well, good luck to the new Regional Biotech Officer,then!



"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise"
i'm counting my blessings. ;D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yasmin Ahmad

Semalam, tgk Muallaf . Tetibe rindu nk baca blog Yasmin Ahmad.

"Bila aku rindu, aku buka blog kamu"

Despite, watever people say about her and her movies, wat matters the most is to understand what her intention is.

What is the message behind.

Though, how she potrayed it sometimes, questionable and controversial, and some of them i din't go along as well, but that should not overshadow what she's trying to say. Her works are vindicated as it is full with social critics that is sooo true. Thus, read the big picture, people. The big picture.

and i do think she is a good Muslim, afterall.

ps: "....to the point of being annoying, especially to people who think that being cynical and cold is cool.." - Yasmin Ahmad - You know wat Kak Min, im with you on this .

pps: Aku tgk Muallaf dengan Tafsir Quran dekat tangan. Kak Min pesan macam tu sebab banyak scene Rohana suka quote numbers from ayat-ayat AlQuran.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Allah Maha Besar.

Aku suka lihat langit. jauhhhhh sangat.
aku selalu cuba gapai.
of course la tak sampai.
tapi aku tetap suka lihat ke langit.
luasnye Subhanallah. Mashaallah. Agungnya Allah.
kemudian aku akan baring atas rumput menghadap langit.
membayangkan. langit ni ada banyak lapisan.
Lepas itu kita akan sampai ke ruang angkasa lepas (read:space)
Dekat space ade banyak2 planet dan ade banyak bintang.
Banyak2 sgt. bumi kecik if in comparison dekat galaksi Bimasakti.
gila ah. keciknye manusia. Kecik sgt. macam bacteria jer kot.
so, kalo camtu. camne nk compare bacteria dalam galaksi bimasakti?
Subhanallah. Mashaallah.
Besarnya ALLAH.

I always do.

semalam aku ambil EL
ada hal dgn org bank
aku pg ngn mak ngn pak aku

bile pak aku hantar aku balek rumah sewa aku
aku pesan dkt mak aku
minggu ni aku tak balek sebab nak cari rumah sewa dkt banting

pastu mak aku kate "Alaa.."
pak aku tanye, " Kenapa 'Alaa' kalau anak tak boleh balek? Kan every week die balek?"
mak aku muncung dan ckp "Rindu."


I miss you too, mom.
I always do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


onward and upward.

think, im going to live like that. onward and upward. no matter what.

My obsession? pheww~~ Enough said!

Salam, earthingers~~!!

Again, here goes my obsession!

I've just finish reading Cinta di rumah Hasan Al Banna, yesterday.

just now i'm thru reading twentist girls. how is tat so? i practically have 20s girl in the pdf form in my external harddisc. So, technically , i had already read half a book before i decided to purchase one of my own which eventually i hv it in my hand yesterday. and just now right after balek dari kerja saya teros terkam buku dan baca sampai habis . hehe (!^_^)v

now, im grapping the Lovely Bone. pon baru beli semalam sekali beli dgn 20s girls. and i'm on it, now! haha;D

postscript: 3 books in two days?? gosh, u must 'be starving to death'

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stop, already !!

You do know that talking ill behind people's back doesnt make you look good pun kan?

You do know that, rite??

so, stop the hell out of it!!!

im done listening to you.

you polluting my air.

so, go away!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Postscript; ari nie birthday Agong, korang bagi die birthday present ape huh?

Masjid Tanah panas hari nie..
bahang sket rs kedai pak aku nie..
tapi cam bese la..
aku bukan kesah pun kalo da immersed dalam tenet..
peluh2.. aku kuatkan kipas dinding yg tak brape da nak kuat..
da tua agakny usia kipas nie..
putaran tak selaju dulu..
life like tat huh? nothng to be wondered about..
naseb ade gak angin2 segar dari pintu belakang kedai..
kurang sket bahangnye..
baru seminggu masuk june, aku da kne outstationed..
kenkadang aku fikir gak..
kalo aku kawen nnt gimana??
sebulan, dua minggu jer dok rumah..
tak hamun ke nnt laki aku??
hee ( !^_^)v

neway, 1st june aritu birthday my mom..


the nex day, my lil sis punye beday plak..


unfortunately, i din get em' anythng for birthday..
later kott~~
ari tu jer ade ayah blanje makan luar..
malam senin tu aku balek umah kejap..
esok pagi2 around 7am da shoot p lukut sebab around 9am akn pegi visit estate dkt kuala selangor..
hectic u may say? im kinda used to it already..

these few days, people were shock by the attcked of the zionist towards the misi bantuan gaza kan?
and it seems like Muslims round the world are ranting and bashing the israel for bombing, hijacking and killing few Turkish people on the mission.. its outrages, ludicrous and the zionist are deliberately crossing the line..

before this, i tod the israel's attacks on the Muslims country were for the oil..
after watching The Arrival, its kinda enlightened me a bit.. It is never about the oil.. it is the mission to strengthen the Israelis crusade.. even the 9/11 is all about the black underground brotherhood they've hold centuries ago..

The arrival, does gv me a really big gobsmacked and i hate em evn more, i just cant stand just to see even the Starbuck's logo anywhere!

semoga Allah selamatkan sukarelawan2 kita dan para muslimin lain. jika mati, doakanlah agar mereka dapat syahid inshaAllah..

for my mom and ichatam: Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan kamu, Allah selamatkan ibu dan nisa, Allah selamatkan kamu~~ Semoga sentiasa berada di bwh rahmat dan lindungan Allah..inshaAllah~~

postscript; ari nie birthday agong, korang bagi die birthday present ape huh?