"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tidak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahariKU" - Hadis Qudsi

Saturday, August 30, 2008

be seriuos? i am seriuos..

salam ala'ik..

if u happen to notice..
all my prior blog have been completely rub-bish in term of..
hello! i am a finale year student..
a 22 year old i-am-not- a-girl-not-yet-a-women lady..
so, by tyme goes by.. i have to have my own opinion on things kan?

all my previous blog is just a type of emotionally attached ( as all the ladies always do, attaching emotion on all course)... but the truth is..

hello, i am a 22 years ols not-a-girl-not-yet-a-women type of lady..
so im still learning..and what wrote earlier is a apart of it..
learning.. is experiencing.. and having bad experience is the best teacher to teach you what life is..
life is not always a bed of roses..dont they?

"by tis experiment, i found i way to light a bulb, but i found 1000 ways how not to light it"
- thomas edison

see, how bad experience teaches you..and they are some wisdom word that highlight that , experience means having a failure.. cause thru failure you learn to succeed.. they you go..
am i right or am i right?

well, of cause, actually i really need to voice out something really i a way, HARDTALK issues la kan?
i agree in a way.. maybe next blog ill do that.. i search for an issue and we can discussed it together..
any topic will do aite?
heavy issues like poticala stuff that's somehow emerging unrationally unstable nowadays.. oalso we can talk about fiqah , tauhid , sirah and akhlak seriuosly.. and setakat mana pengetahuan la kan?
bukankah ilmu itu perlu dikongsi walaupun hanya sebaris ayat, aite?
can do.. tho xde la hardcore favourite subject back there during school years.. but still without history .. rakyat malaysia akan cepat lupa diri.. Melayu Mudah Lupa.. you know what, some how i find these words are true..

sometimes, you also can drop the subject and we can discussed it..
always welcome to share your thought with me..

great mind discussed great ideas..dont they?
and we are all great!

till we met again..
may Allah Bless seluruh rakyat Malaysia!

hugs and kisses, Fi Sabilillah..