"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tidak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahariKU" - Hadis Qudsi

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kuasa ekspresi

Hari nie 1st time aku jadi proxy fiza to evaluate budak praktikal tempat aku keje buat dia punya presentation depan lecturer dia. (peh! berbelit!)

Aci buat muke garang Kublai Khan tadi.
Kecut budak tue. Haha.
Aku tanya soalan petala kelapan sket dah huru hara.
Padahal semalam dah praktis.

Gile la kuasa ekspresi !

Countdown raye

today is friday
maknenya dah sepuloh hari puasa!!
Antara tanda2 kecil kiamat : Masa seakan pendek.

O mann.. aku ibadah for the first 10 days masih lagie berada dalam gear 2..

ayoh! accelerate. Kita dah nak sampai penghujung Ramadhan!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hari nie nak buke ape huh?

Hari nie bole la bernafas sikit..
semalam dengan kelmarin tak henti2 pergi buat visit
esok pergi kemuning pulak buat spotmap verification..
hopefully ade la tag2 tu for my reference.
tak de la aku balek in vain..

Jadi efficient ni kenkadang tak bes gak kan??
(ceh! ape hal pulak nie)
aku sort of tak de keje hari nie.. sebabnya..
bile aku schedule kan keje aku..
aku lupe nak fill-up kan keje untok hari nie..
well, sebenarnye aku ade la a few report nak buat, but the thing is
aku dah siap semalam
apehal la semalam terlebey rajen
padah hari nie ..

ke? ko mmg under-efficient..
ko sendiri yang tataw nak buat keje ape..
org laen aku tgk sebok jer..
itu la pasal..
tapi aku tak paham gak sebenarnye ape yg diorg buat..
aku tgk macam keje2 rutin jer..
keje yang mcm key-in data (yang nie mmg aku tahu everlasting job.. mmg tak penah habes)
fiza tgh bace journal ( sebab die mmg tgh on research sekarang)
touch-up spotmap ( job nie aku mmg dah pencen lame dah..aku sub kat staff aku..hehe)
hari nie nak buke ape huh??

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yourself - Transfer

"This is to advice that effective from 1st September 2010, you will be trasferred to R&D Biotechnology, Biotech - Research at R&D Banting as Executive . You will report to Vice President II, Mustafa Kamal Mohamed who will brief you of your duties and responsibilities.
Except for above, your current other terms and conditon of servise remain unchanged"
Dah dapat surat transfer.
Good bye Lukut yang superbest!
Banting. here i come!! We got alot of catching up to do..~~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

INCEPTION equals to Genius

Korang dah tgk??
kalo belom tgk.. abaikan ape aku nak menceceh dalam nie..sebab korg akan konfius nanti..

Well, aku da tgk cite nie quite days back..
aku tgk cte nie sebab iklan de cam best, so as to say, im in total clueless while watching this.
but then again, of coz i have some expectation ( bcoz iklan de cam best as i mentioned)

upon exiting the door after watching this genius piece..
the first sentence uttered to my buddies is I'm definitely going to watch this thing again!
my feelings after watching tis is overwhelming..aku macam tak pernah tgk cite macam nie..
i felt like it is not direct-comprehension movie .

the basic fondation of this movie is complex and mind-blowing
and i got the feeling that i havent got a clear cut of the story like for eg, in the end why is the totem doesnt stop spinning? why do Mal consistantly want to kill Cobb's ?
And in frustration i got nobody to talk to..~~

Until when i read Inception review made by this Obefiend and in some how he got the point and help me to make it clear a bit.. all this while i'm missing the big picture ; We are in Cobb's dream..

Thanks dude!

Obefiend ini ada jugak recommend a couple of movie directed by the same director i.e Christopher Nolan which are Memento and The Prestige..the concept is the same..
So, think after this nak geledah Speedy cari movie nie ade tak..concept macam nie mcm genius dan creative..way better than Avatar aku rase..

OK, enuf said.

Selamat berbuka!!

Satu Ramadhan!

Semalam ayah ibu ngn nisa datang buka puasa dekat Lukut.

"Ayah saje nak bukak 1st puasa dengan anak dia" kata ibu

Terharu aku.


Forth of August

I miss my UM buddies. Period. Yesterday i took 2 days off to spend time with my dearest hajar fyrus kema and yanti. Its actually yanti's Master convocation i were supposed to attend, on behalf of her parents. However, since her BF were also attending the ceremony, then i choose to go hv a chillax with some other-good-old-friends, instead.

Gosh, i never expect i missed them THAT much. Jumpa sejam dua tak cukup untuk mengubat rindu di hati. Cewah! but like i said, i do missed them much.

We have some updates, but most of our time just listening to each other like old time sake. Something ive been missing almost a year, now.

They are the kind of frinds most people wished to have. The one your turn to whenever you hit the wall. The one who always around whenever you wish to have your laugh-out-loud with their cold-hearted jokes after drenching in your own saltwater. Supportive and never felt threathened by your presence. The one who will always be there and be happy for you no matter what. The one worth to trust with your life.

Yes, we have our tides. We argued alot. Sometimes we do hurt each others feeling . But as what poeple always convey; friends never say sorry or thank you, and that what mend us through-out the years.

And it had been 6 years now, we are apart by time and dreams but still the sparks of our friendship still illuminate and evident.

There, i said it.

postscript part I

This post shud be posted on the 4th of August, but due to my unreasonable work hecticness, only now i got the chance. Not that the date have some kind of meaningful insignia or what not, it is just i want to mark one of my happy day made only by my friends presence

postscript part II
u guys!! melihat kehadapan untuk bertemu lagie! thanks for yesteryears (and of coz yesterdays!)