"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tidak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahariKU" - Hadis Qudsi

Saturday, December 19, 2009

i like to BUY books~~ reading em'? ONLY if i feel like it..

PASSION org tu macam2 kann??
selalunye tak masuk akal..

cam org yg tak boleh tgk sale.. darah jadi gemuruh..
tak tentu hala..rase nk beli jer sume yg ade cut off 70% tuh..
atau gile nk modify kete memanjang..smp rib2 habes pun ta pe..
yg penting - satisfaction!!
or cm mereka2 gile suke tgk cte korea smp 2-3 pagi.. habeskan 2 3 box satu malam..
asalkan, mlm tu boley mimpi muka Rain..

org mmg cmtu kann??
masing2 ade passion sendiri..
mende yg bole buat diorg happy..
things tat cud mk their mind off from anythng..
the bliss of being ignorance and in content with the things to like doing..

well.. i do feel tat buying book is my passion..
well.. indirectly i can say..
Reading is my passion..
NOT!! ~

i do like to read..tho~~
aku stok tak kesah ape yg aku bace..
be it mags or books or novel..
name it..
but i do like to cover things on sci-fi tat cud indirectly relate me to the Creator..
obviously buku2 Harun Yahya.. mmg IN gilerr..
politics , self-help and human interest..
i adore love story books jugak.. mainly romantic comedy written by Sophie Kinsela..
then, books tat have kinda rhetoric question on it..
cam "Why-Do" , or "What-if" or Have you ever..
cam tu laa..aku mesti ade nafsu nk beli..
but pls spare me
those books with D-I-Y and gadgets thingy..
really not my stuff, so as to say..

but MY PASSION is in the book.. i mean i like to buy books..
not tat i will directly read em' after buying em'..
but, of coz..eventually..
i one day.. i will read em'..
kann?? tak salah kann??

aku suke gile beli buku~~
itu la hakikatnyer..
i just cud'nt help it if i saw a bookstore..
i WILL buy somethng to read..
at least a newspaper..

God! help me..
its like a disease..
s'time i do feel like its such a waste..
some of the books i bought ..
well ez to say i never saw them again..
i have loads of books tat i practically lost count of it..
but still keep buying..
tats my problemo~~

baru aku sedar weh..
all tos while , i tod tat i love reading ...
but actually..
aku suke gile beli buku..

AND HOW OLD AM I , again??

Above all..
i need to make sure..
wat i buy and wat i read..
will make me think about the magnificent of ALLAH..
and so as you..
till then..