"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tidak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahariKU" - Hadis Qudsi

Thursday, May 22, 2008

and at last..it reach its end..

its me again..
of coz..
what am i expecting kan..?
haha..silly me..
nothing much to write tho..
suprisingly..coz im a bit of a hardcore in writing stuff
i like to write alot but then am afraid of overtelling it..
it might hurt someone or something..

nway.. reason of blogging.. am to tell u that
ive already submitted my thesis on 12th may 2008..
atlast..the feeling is overwelhming..
its like u huge gigantic stone that hv been occupying ur shoulder for the past century
have been broken into bit pieces and its over!
but honestly..im bit incontent with the thesis ive been working for the past one yr..
from the very begining of the fieldwork right thru the benchwork..
am not 100 percent-ly puas hati..
bcoz of the fact that, the environment and the colleagues and staff ive been working with are not very satisfying .. make me unhappy while working and doing my job..
one part of it..
plus, maybe.. hurm.. until now.. saya masih tidak puas hati dengan akak ITU..
i still do not noe wat i do wrong..
that i'd been punished unrationally..
so sad taw..and very disappointed..
why la we have this kind of people in tis world..
maybe back to me.. i've already do some like ..melihat ke masa lampau apa yg saya sudah buat
da..ade la.. this one suspected thing.. and i have already mintak maaf..and dia cam dah maafkan saya.. tapi after a week later.. die buat perangai balek..saya kecik hati tau.. kalu saya buat salah..
bagi tahu saya.. saya boleh terima.. dan kalau saya tak boleh terima..beri saya masa..
akhirnya saya akan belajar terima sikit-sikit..sooo...very the misunderstanding and miscomunication problem la we have.. and yet.. id already try to talk to her.. but she just wont listen.. she doesnt even want to see me..
then wat else shud i do..
beg for her forgiveness..
yeay la..kirim salam selamat jalan la kat anda kan..?
anda kecik kan hati sy..zaman bile plak nak mintak maaf.. don think tak u're an adult than the blame is on me totally..
ye la tu..
you wish..!

itu one part of the thingy la yang buat saya tak happy sepnjg membuat thesis..
hardtime you noe..
im in stress most of the tyme..
sket lagi nak schizo..sebab kejap2 pk mane nak settle masalah thesis..
mane nak study for xm.. but still this kinda hectic situation have tod me alot..
1-do not rely on people..they're unreliable most of the tyme..
2-every dugaan..dan when kite tangani than dugaan with full kesabaran.. meminta pertolongan dan berserah kepada Allah.. insya-Allah..akan ade ganjaran dari kesabaran itu..im not intended to riak.. but ALhamdulilah my GPA for this semester is 3.5 alhamdulilah..the first tyme ever i got this good result..usually pointer aku stok lepas 3 sipi2 jer..and pointer itu dikira tidak termasuk grade thesis..kalo thesis saya ade rezeki dapat A.. insya-Allah pointer sy sem ini 3.65.. kalian doakan lah yer....so sy amek ini sebagai ganjaran Allah murahkan rezeki saya sem ini..
3- when u hv like a chaotic schedule .. u just have to focused one thing at a tyme.. and insya-Allah u'll be suprised how gud u r in handling the hectic situation..
i take those thing at the bright site..

so, itulah dia.. perjalanan thesis sy yang panjang.. macam2 berlaku.. puas saya menanges.. puas juga saya tersenyum..
dengan izin Allah..tersubmit jugak thesis bertuah itu..
life is an open secret..
treasure it and live with it in the name of ALLAH..
la tahzan inna'Allaha ma'anan..
do not be sad.. for Allah is with u..

Friday, May 16, 2008

finally..its over!


salam ala'ik to everyone

me again..

of coz.

wat do u expect..


nothning much to sate here..

but this one thing.

finally..my thesis is over..